Grape Spirit - 74% Alc/Volume Approx
Distilled from Classic New Zealand Wines

Distilled from High quality, Sound New Zealand wine, sourced from established N.Z. wineries. Produced from classic grape varieties.

Method of Manufacture

Traditional Pot Still of beaten copper, by John Dore & Co. of London, circa 1870's.
All spirit is twice distilled. Very High Quality is Guaranteed.

Contract Distillation

Suitable for large volumes.
Grape Spirit made from your own wine.

Grape Spirit is available in packs of

Available from the following sources

(A) Grape Spirit made from a blend of grape varieties
(B) Grape Spirit made from a single grape variety


Barrells available for the ageing of spirit for brandy.

Legal requirements supplying alcohol

Grape Spirit is delivered under N.Z. Customs permits and licenced Customs Controlled Areas.

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